Who can apply for membership?

-Membership is limited to licensed PAs and currently enrolled PA students.


Who can attend the monthly dinner meetings?

-Registration to the dinner meetings is for licensed PAs, current PA students, and supervising physicians only.


How can I find a PA Preceptor in the San Diego area?

- We are unable to help with placement for rotations or shadowing. If you are a current member, please check the Member Forum and check the PA Preceptors topic for contact information for PA Preceptors. You may also post a request under the PA Preceptors topic.


How can I find a PA to shadow?

-We regret that we are not able to place students with shadowing positions ourselves. Alternatively, please visit www.pashadowonline.com.


Can I RSVP for the monthly dinner meeting through e-mail?

-Typically, registration is strictly through the website under the Meetings + Events section on www.sdpasociety.com.

Please do not request for registration through e-mail, as we will no longer respond to those requests. We do accept requests to be placed on the wait list through e-mail. Thank you for understanding.


Can I RSVP for a friend for the meeting?

-Sorry, please only register for yourself for the meetings. We need to be able to account for each seat and provide a list of members attending to the reps hosting the dinner.


How can I access job postings on the website?  It shows an error when I try to click on the link.

-Access to job postings is limited to society members only.  Members must log in to access the Job Board.


How can I post a job listing?  

-Please e-mail position details and questions to info@sdpasociety.com.  You will receive an e-mail from one of the board members.  Please keep in mind that we are a non-profit organization and donations for job postings are greatly appreciated.


How can I sponsor one of the monthly dinner meetings?  

-Please e-mail info@sdpasociety.com.  Thank you for your support of SDSPA!


How can I make a payment?

-Please visit the Membership >> Pay Membership Dues page to pay for yearly dues. We may also take payments during monthly meetings.