Our mission is to promote the PA profession, provide an ongoing education forum, encourage networking and community outreach, and improve the quality of medicine.

SDSPA was established in 2002 by Jeremy Adler, MS, PA-C and Daniel Lepore, PA-C.

The Board of Directors for 2019:

  • President - Timothy O'Neil, PA-C
  • Vice President - Roxanna Calvario, PA-C
  • Secretary - Jennifer Cates, PA-C
  • Treasurer - Mark Hartmann, PA-C
  • Social Chair - Ana Goldberg, PA-C
  • Community Service - Martie Lynch, PA-C
  • Membership Manager - Scott Barker, PA-C
  • Student Liason Katelyn Wood, PA-C
  • Immediate Past President - Emily Boyle, PA-C
  • Past President - Mercedes Dodge, PA-C
  • Past President - Bernard Casillan, PA-C
  • Past President - Patrick Astourian, PA-C
  • Past President - Robin Caballa, PA-C
  • Founder, CAPA President¬†- Jeremy Adler, PA-C


Since its inception, the organization has grown to more than 400 members and provides general education and networking opportunities.

** If you are interested in hiring a PA and/or posting on our Job Board, please contact us through the Contact Page above! **

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