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    Hi Fellow PAs,

    There are potential PAs who are seeking working PAs to shadow. I encourage you to go on SDSPA.com website to find their contact information. If you like, you can email me your contact, and permission, so I can send your contact to any Pre-PAs who email me.

    I wanted to emphasize if you allow a shadow, you can report Category II CME hours for every hour they spend with you.  I have heard of several offices who use pre-PAs to assist in their office as interns while they shadow. These pre-PAs are eager to help and work very hard.

    I am going to encourage or challenge all PAs to take one day a month to mentor. Giving back will continue to make our PA profession the best it can be.

    Best Regards,

    Mercedes Dodge, PA-C

    Current Pre-PAs seeking PAs to shadow-

    Vanna Vo, vannavo@yahoo.com, 619-565-8960

    Sheila Tran, snt002@ucsd.edu

    Victoria L. Postigo, BS Chemistry from UC Berkely, (949) 295 6616, vicpostigo@gmail.com

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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