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    Hi SDSPA Members,
    There are more future PAs who are requesting an opportunity to shadow. Please feel free to contact these individuals if you are interested. Their contact are located below.

    You can also go to that website at http://pashadowonline.com to sign up with your current work schedule and pre-PAs can ensure they select a PA-C with compatible schedules.

    Best Regards, Mercedes Dodge
    Jennifer Rai- Research project coordinator, doula in training. Her contact is jenn.rai101@gmail.com

    Jennifer Huynh- Medical Assistant. Her contact is huynhjennifert@gmail.com, 619-847-3799

    Trenton Peterson- Graduate BS in Public Health, Army Medic, EMT. His contact is trenton54@hotmail.com

    Britnee M Campos- Her contact: 619-316-2075, bmcampos08@gmail.com, currently located at Chula Vista

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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